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What do YOU feel about Shipping?


I say feel about shipping and not think about shipping, because I've come to the sad conclusion the subject is very difficult to discuss with detachment. It's true--shipping brings out the worst in MANY people and aggravates cos-playing,embullient, freakily smart and ordinarily interesting fan-type people into rabid obsessives who mumble the same things over and over again.... It's not canon, It's practically canon, You have to read the subtext, Nothing is canon until the author makes it so--and my favorite--If I owned Bleach, everyone in it would be gay.

You'll see that one of my listed lj interests is "post-modern crap." That's because I think that thinking too much about thinking leaves cow patties all over the green field of existence.

And yet.... give me a single evening and I'll talk about my favorite ship in Bleach until my throat is sore (or my typing fingers fall off).

Is shipping, for good or bad, is a form of hypnosis? Does shipping bring anyone solace and comfort? A ship is supposed to be fun, but like all affairs, the ship gets serious or it goes sour. Who out there can ship with the universal compassion of the Buddha????

I have to say that all my previous ships weren't all that intense, but that was before I had more than a toe here and a finger there in online fandoms. Now, approaching 3 yrs IshiHime shipping, I've seen insanity. I had my worst bouts of late-night obsessing and clue-finding over this pair, and believe me, there were SO many times I sat on my hands and didn't type my most insane thoughts on forums.

You know me--give me a challenge and I'll write it. Just about anything except incest (I wrote what was, arguably, shota in another fandom) and um... <.< >.> I've yet to write an IchiOri. Ha, I'll slut Uryuu around but not Orihime. Maybe that's because Uryuu is a sex object unto moi and Orihime is a chaste goddess (really, for someone who was once a notorious lesbian, I've written so little yuri). My latest challenge was IchiIshi, and I found myself SWEPT into love for this pair. That happens occasionally with pairs in Bleach (GinRan and Aizen/Gin have gotten me momentarily distracted from IshiHime too). But I always swing back to my obsession.

I love Bleach. I love it unto the point of madness. I love my ship, and I can love it through droughts in the manga and through the Magical Mystery Tour of Fanfic. For the past week my mind has been full of IchiIshi and HOW FRICKEN MARVELOUS CHAD IS (omg, isn't he? I always knew he'd come back as a main character--and that Kubo-san always intended for him to have Hollow powers), but this afternoon, after a little coffee and a some free time (oh what ficcy shall I read? I need to read Incandescens'; I need to read Alaena Night's), I felt it again.

IshiHime lives in my reptilian brain. I ship them like I breathe air.

Poll #915844 Shipping ... do YOU need seasick pills?

When it comes to Bleach ships, I (choose 1 or more)

ship multiple pairs!
obsess about one ship above others
don't ship; I like other elements of story
ship only in fanfic ... I leave canon be
the text is beyond authorial intent!
if there's a hot girl involved, I'll "ship" it
if there's a hot guy involved, I'll "ship" it
take shipping frustrations out in forums
take shipping joy writing fic/making art
whaddya mean? Romance in Bleach?
Bleach is pure sex; I ship orgies
Don't need to ship... my love life is good
Love to ship ... my love life is great
have been wounded in ship battles
have had great fun in ship battles
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