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Kubo credited as "planner" for Fade to Black movie, Chapter 328

Some movie news. I'm officially interested in Fade to Black now! Why? My boyfriend is involved. Obviously Kubo-sensei did more than just name the movie.

Says so right here:

Thanks to hyiceme for noticing this and to Mel for the credits from first two movies. Mel notes
that Kubo has never been listed as a planner for another movie before, even though he designed the characters for the first and came up with the phrase "execute Hitsugaya" as the premise for the second.

Thank you to lady_orihime for the original screencap; in an attempt to prove that Kubo did not write the script for Fade to Black (do you know anyone who believed that? You can see her yellow marks around the screenwriter's name), she inadvertently provided fans with this unprecedented credit to Kubo in a Bleach movie.

Also from Mel (aka melodymix):

And right now they are airing 10 CMs to promote the movie. Although there will definitely be more CMs that are going to be aired these are the ones we have so far. I have added a quote that is used in the movie. I bolded the new quotes.

1st teaser
Ichigo's lines speak of Rukia and are ripped-off from ep18 when he talks about her.

Ichigo: "She was indeed here."

2nd teaser

Rukia: it's not shinigami.....It's kuchiki rukia...

Ichigo: "You changed my world. And because of that, that's why I am here right now"

3rd teaser

Rukia: "What are you doing, idiot!" "What's with that gloomy look on your face!" "We are... nakama aren't we?"

Ichigo: "Rukia…there is no way I can ever about forget you!!"

In earlier bleachness posts, we were discussing the cheese-fest these promotions promised, but knowing that Kubo-sensei had his fingers in the planning, some of us are expecting a better flavor cheese now. At least something that doesn't come air-whipped out of a can. Maybe? One can hope.

And as I was typing this up, OneManga put up the latest scan: Read Chapter 328, The Knuckle Debate here

I find it just wonderful that Iba of all people, Iba who Ikkaku scolded in the SS arc, gets to lecture Ikkaku now. The relationship dynamics and little personality developments Kubo-sensei has put into these recent fights are Bleach at its best for me. The HitsuMatsu exchange is cute; the Iba pride has a delicious irony. This chapter is so well-drawn too. Koma-chan's ear twitch made my week (yes, I'm that easy to please--BUT KOMA-CHAN! <3)

The only thing I'll complain about is that the color spread, while gorgeous, doesn't show Ishida's face. Is that even Ishida? The hair looks too messy. Could it be Hisagi? Kubo, why are you making me stare? Why are you making me long for Ishida?

And of course the match up of Shunsui and Ukitake against Stark is a dream come true and means that we'll be switching to HM next week. Can't have that dream come true fight too soon now.

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