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Second Annual Bleachness Birthdays Contest

New updates on rules, a new category, new pics of prizes.

I've gots lots of prizes. Some of you may remember the passel of RenIshi and IshiHime scored for me by sanoiscari in Japan. ileenka is sending me a bunch of Japanese doujinshi, all flavors, mostly IshiHime but other pairings too, and I will be able to part with the ones that aren't by BYPASS (my favorite IshiHime doujin circle).

I'll have some Ishida pins, some IchiRuki, Mayuri & Nemu, Shunsui & Nanao keychains for prizes if enough people enter. And I've got the All Colour But the Black Bleach artbook in its new English translation on order for a prize too. (ETA--oh I forgot to mention that I have Orihime hentai too for a possible prize in case some guy who doesn't like these pairing doujin wins)

Some of the IshiHime doujin you may be able to choose from as a winner--also the Ishida pin and the Japanese novel Honey Dish Rhapsody and the Colorful Bleach book.

If you follow this community, you've seen what Space scored me! RenIshi galore!

And the keychains I've got are really cute and come with a piece of candy!

Don't have photos of what ileenka scored for me yet, but I can't wait to see!

Oh,and Justine and Annie got me something for my birthday NONE of you can have! IshiHime doujin by BYPASS... I'll scan and share, though ... but only after my birthday!

Hope these prizes are a little incentive to start writing and drawing. These, and the knowledge that submitting an entry will make deb a very very happy fangirl. ^^
Tags: second annual bleachness contest
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