Phoebe (insane_genious) wrote in bleachness,

Advertising an RP Sote - Bleached Nirvana

I come hoping to advertise a BLEACH ROLEPLAYING BOARD!

Ahem, a friend and me have just completed long weeks of work on creating a polished board to roleplay Bleach, called Bleached Nirvana. We're making a reference to the 1st Nirvana album, 'Bleach', by the way...since, you know, its got the same title XD

Because we want to respect the uncompleted series' potential canon, we've opted to make it slightly AU/future, where the events of the series are only vaguely alluded to and the appearing cast are all presumed retired, so we could allow people full participation, giving them the chance to actually form Soul Society and Hueco Mundo/Las Noches Nuevas themselves.

If you aren't interested, its alright, but you could at least promote us to other Bleach communities so people can get to know us.

Contact us here
Bleached Nirvana - Bleach Roleplay

I hope to see some of you there. ^^
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