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DA Witch Hunt

It's not my intention to start a wank, but I feel all the Bleach artists ought to read this.

Read about the new DA policies here

All in all, I'm not a fanartist, but this is getting ridiculous. Nami86, a well-known and loved SasuSaku (Naruto) artist got banned and they haven't told her for how long. The folks at the Inuyasha fandom are pissed off and offended, and I can't really blame them. This is just like the LJ witch hunt all over again.

Artists at DA, I suggest you protect your galleries and take down the pieces that show erotica. It's better for you guys to host those pieces here in your scrapbooks than facing all that appalling stupidity.

ETA: Backpedaling update by RealitySquared. LOL.
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