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one nekkid boy and one in a kimono

Drew an illustration for "Pretend Love." The first night at Urahara's place.

Prove You Love Me    MILD NUDITY, NWS

I can see why the fandom for IchiIshi is so wild--these boys are both beautiful, both intense, and they are sure fun to write about. Something about teenagers. I just get a kick out of teenagers.I get that way with IshiHime too--because teenagers are so damn funny when they're trying to be cool and grown-up and the whole world is new to them. The sweetness and naivete always sinks me.

So, the story--Since a few people asked me to, I'll probably write an epilogue (yet ANOTHER Ishida character study) about Uryuu's meeting with his dad.

So, the drawing. I know my anatomy sucks; please don't tell me that Ichigo's neck looks impossibly long or that Ishida's leg is in the wrong place. I was going to trash it but then I liked the colors, so I kept it.

I really REALLY want to draw Ikkaku--shiny!
Tags: fanart, ichiishi, pretend love, prove you love me
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