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Moderator's Post--Call for Shipper Truce

Good Morning. I haven't read all the shipping wank generated from my comments in the previous post on this community and in other places and neither do I intend to.  Like my husband always says, you DO NOT want to see debbie get really mad.

Congratulations jaina for being called an "IchiRuki nutjob"--silly epithets come with visibility in fandom. It used to bother me a lot when ileenka was called "batshit insane" or escarboucle was called a "bitch" and less so when I was called a "pompous cunt," but you know that the level of discourse has descended to kindergarten when this sort of name-calling starts. When the name-calling starts, it's time to check out.

I'm asking for a truce--that is, please refrain from posting on this matter in bleachness because I won't be online to moderate this weekend. Please feel free to carry on in your personal journals and elsewhere.

As for the suggestion that I say somewhere in the user information that this community is not "IchiHime friendly," no I won't do that.  I have friends in this community who ship Ichigo and Orihime; I delete posts that bash the pairing; I discourage shipping wank.  I'm not a draconian mod, as I believe people can better work out problems on their own rather than being censored and smashed into appropriate behavior, but I don't tolerate extreme disrespect.  I make mistakes; I rarely mean to bash people, only their ideas, and if I've unduly hurt someone's feelings, I will apologize. But if someone acts like a turd, I will call a turd a turd.

My personal shipping tastes color this community, yes, but people put up with them---the many fanbois who are members here and who are grossed out by yaoi have learned to grin and bear my squeeing about yaoi-ships. I write yaoi and post BL pics. I don't believe that Ichigo and Orihime are the canon-destined pair of the Bleach manga, but I've discussed the issue with civil fans before. There is no way I would characterize bleachness  as "IchiHime unfriendly"---I would characterize it as "Idiot unfriendly."  And even so, idiots can expect some friendliness here.

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