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Chapter 326 "Knockdown Monster" and Jaina's Interview with Kubo!

Read Chapt 326 Knockdown Monster scan here

I'm intrigued by the whole 11th division again--how they don't fit into the Gotei 13 and fight for their own damn reasons, for vanity, for the sake of fighting, how they maintain their personal codes and individuality even while the fate of the universe is at stake.

Yumi's love for Ikkaku was really something here. It was unrestrained--he wasn't calmly standing back and calling SS for a state funeral. He lost it, poor honey.

And when did Kira get so cool? It's like someone injected him with extra testosterone when we weren't looking!


Ah, and I see someone's transcribed jaina  's interview with Kubo-sensei from Anime Insider already! We were waiting for someone to do that!  Here it is in its entirety.  My favorite response was "it's a secret!"

Is there a reason the manga is called Bleach, or is that a secret?

The Soul Reaper - the color that you associate with the Soul Reaper is black. But "black" is too straightforward. So I thought about "white", but white is too simple. So if you put "bleach", somebody can associate that with white. So that's how Bleach came.

If you become a Soul Reaper, what division would you want to be in?

The fourth [medical], because you don't get hurt there!

One thing a lot of people have noticed is that Bleach has many different female characters, each with a distinctive strength. Is that something you took a lot of care in doing?

Usually, I don't intend to create personality before I draw. Usually I draw a character and then I know which side of her is strong and which side is weak. But sometimes the personality and the design come at the same time. I don’t think that the artists should create the character that you want it to be. I think that the character should have its own character. Let them grow: that’s my belief.

What do you think is the main theme of Bleach?

In my work, I don’t like to impose a message or theme onto the reader. I want the characters to develop on their own and create the story themselves, and it usually turns out very clever. So I tend to do that sort of thing.

Way back in the beginning of the manga, when Ichigo was first using Rukia’s powers, was he also wielding her actual sword, just much bigger? A lot of people have noticed that the marking on it were the same.

The design is the same because at that time he was bearing her power. So yes.

Was the spirit of her zanpakuto in him also?

The outside [of the zanpakuto] has the design of Rukia’s but when he was fighting at the beginning, the spirit was his – Ichigo’s. At one point during some battle, Urahara tells him that Ichigo’s zanpakuto is big, but there’s nothing in it. So at that time he hasn’t really developed his spirit in it, but he gradually starts to.

For a shonen series, Bleach spends a lot focusing on the emotions and different bonds between the characters. I’m sure you’re asked this a lot, but will we ever see any romance by the end of the series?

I don’t really intend to make it a romantic story, but it’s one of the aspects of the series, so I put it in here and there.

In some of the earlier collected volumes, you list a theme song for each character in the character profile. Do you have any songs picked out for some of the newest characters?

Usually when I draw, when I create a character, I’m playing some music in my head and that’s why I assign that music, for example, to Ichigo. So even if I don’t list it now, I do assign it, I just don’t put it on paper. But every character has a theme song.

When did Rukia have the Hogyoku put inside her?

It’s a secret!

From the beginning of the series, the team-up of Ichigo and Rukia was very important to making the series work. How did you plan it out?

Ichigo obviously needed help because he was developing his talent and strength, and here she was, so I thought they’d be a good match to help each other.

Finally, can you tell us why Aizen’s couch is so big?

The bigger, the more beautiful!

ETA: the original transcript is here and Jaina answers some questions in that thread too.

ETA2: a little of the original transcript of one question that Jaina provided in the IchiRuki FC.

posted by Jaina in BA:

Okay, posted by request, because some people have been commenting on how Kubo's answer to the 2nd to last question somehow means Kubo always planned Ichigo and Rukia's relationship to be mentor/student and nothing more, here's a pro-tip: we edit interview ANSWERS only for grammar and removing stuff like excessive "um"s and the like, the actual questions tend to get edited more, to save space and because hey, I am allowed to edited myself since I know what I was asking.

And IMHO, it was perfectly clear to KT that I was asking about the planning of early series Ichigo and Rukia, not asking for a definition of their relationship or whatever, and I went back to dig up the exact transcript from the tape:

AI: From the beginning of the series, the team-up of Ichigo and Rukia was very important to getting the job done and making the series work. How did you go about building that partnership? Planning it story-wise and character-wise?

Kubo: You want to know how it played a role?

AI: Like, when you were planning the story back in the beginning, how did you go planning them as characters? Like how they would go together and just building their friendship and partnership?

Kubo: Because Ichigo obviously needed help because he was developing his talent and strength and here she was so I thought that they’d be a good match to help each other.

Me personally, I don't think it has any bearing on the limits of their relationship 300 chapters later.
I'm assuming that's Jaina's response to the takes that Kubo's interview PROVES that Ichigo and Rukia weren't meant to be MARRIED TO ONE ANOTHER OMG. Heeeeee. Fandom, you kill me. XD.
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