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My Spectacular Crystal Ball Contest 2006


Everyone does it--predicts what's going to happen next in the Bleach manga. Why not get a real present for having your prognonstications come true?

Here's the deal. In this post, any member/watcher/passerby can list three things he believes will happen in Bleach by January 1, 2007.  That's a short time in manga time but probably well into the "winter war" that has been forecast all throughout previous chapters.

If any of your predictions come true, you will be rewarded with a drabble, short fic, or full-length 4000 word story on the Bleach subject of your choice--the prize dependent on the likelihood of your prediction.

EDIT: The deadline for predictions will be November 15; otherwise, you know, it gets easier to predict as the manga advances. ^^

Evaluations of the likelihood of the predictions are subjective, of course, and entirely my own.  For example, if you predict "Keigo will say something stupid"--well, that's only worth a drabble.  If you predict "Gin will be revealed to be working for Yamamoto," a theory that's been going around for a while, then that deserves a short fic.  If something crazy you predict comes true--say, Hanatarou rescues Orihime--then I'll write you a full length 4000 word plus story on ANYTHING BLEACH, even something out of my comfort zone, even Grimmjow, even Quincest!

If one of your predictions comes true, you get one prize. If two, two.  If all three, then three prizes. If none, well, you will have entertained me with your prophetic ability. ^^

I will have ample time to write during the holidays and need challenges.  I figured I'd make you work for the fic requests, though. ^^

Here are my own three predictions. If any of them come true, I'll buy myself a bean burrito with the works, but I think they're listed in order of likelihood.

1. The rescue team will split up into two groups: Rukia/Renji/Ichigo and Chad/Ishida  (probably worth a drabble)
2. Grimmjow will desert Aizen's team (probably worth a short fic)
3. Hitsyugaya will show up in Hueco Mundo  (i think it's likely the editors will make Kubo cave to the popularity of this character but I can't really see him working into the rescue arc--so this is a very unlikey prediction worth a long story).

I have some things I'd like to see happen--such as an IshiHime reunion, a Wonderwyce and Orihime friendship, and a Ishida/Hollow Ichigo battle., but I guessed at more likely events. You tell me your predictions now!

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