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Where is the love?

Originally I was going to post this on my journal, but bailed because honestly, nobody over there wants to read this shit. And possibly over here nobody wants to read this shit either. Debbie if this is lame, I'll happily delete it.

Uh. Anyway. CHAD. He was my first favorite character, and is still my close-second favorite. And I want to know WHY fanworks of him are so few and far between. He's got a heart of an angel and a body of a porn star, what's not to love? Everyone I talk to gushes about how much they love him, yet communities devoted to him are all but silent. Can we talk about this?

Possible reasons occur to me:

1. He's not a talker.
Not being a writer, I can cop out and say this isn't a big deal. But I can understand how people who enjoy writing dialogue can find this an obstacle. What bothers me is reading people saying that because he doesn't talk much, that means he hasn't got much of a personality or emotional range. Which is just not true.

2. He gets very little (canon) attention.
Yes, this is true. But look at Byakuya, Ukitake, Nanao, Soi-Fon, Hisagi, Shinji... These are not primary characters, but all of them get more attention from fans. Which brings me to:

3. He's not "bishounen".
THE HELL. Alright. By conventional standards no. Put him in a dress and it's very obviously a guy in a dress. And my first thought after reading his manga entrance was not "OMG he's gorgeous," it was "OMG he just risked his life to save a little birdie! *fanboys*" But if lack of "pretty" is the issue, why is it so much easier to find doujinshi featuring Kenpachi? Don't get me wrong, I love Kenpachi and find him mega-sexy. But he's certainly not a bishounen.

With Chad's three best friends being basically whored out to nearly everyone (in fandom), it baffles me how often he is ignored. I almost complied a chart for this, but got lazy. (Anyone wanna make one? I got info to contribute.) Am I really so smitten that I see chemistry between him and easily as many characters as his friends are paired with? Why is there no Sado/Hime, Urahara/Sado, Sado/Renji, etc...

Your thoughts. I want to read them. :D
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