balladbird (balladbird) wrote in bleachness,

Ulquiorra character essay

I had this posted in the only Bleach community I was  a member of, (UlquiHime) but it seems to be material better suited to a more general Bleach audience.  My intent was simply to try to look at Ulquiorra in greater depth than many people would consider him to be worth, and to show the reasons why I feel him to be one of the most complex characters in Bleach.  

I do wish to note that, despite it being posted in UlquiHime, it is NOT a shipping essay. 

It was divided into three parts.  The first can be found here:

The second here:

and the third here:

It was typed, not only in haste, but on Wordpad.  As such, I beg your indulgence with regard to minor spelling and grammar errors that may appear.  ^^  I'd appreciate any critique.

Tags: ulquiorra
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