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ChAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAD! Chapter 260

It wasn't that I wasn't excited about last week's chapter, it was just that I was AWOL from the internet a lot of the time.
New Chad chapter this week! I had a migraine this morning and was thinking the only way this chapter would make me feel better is if Chad lost all his clothes fighting that Arrancar... but weeeee.!

He's got another powered up arm and CAN MOVE AS FAST AS SONIDO! I never thought I'd see that. Now Chad really has a chance of becoming a primary character again. I'm so hopeful. I've always loved the big lug.

Bleach Forums is down, but you can get spoilers here at Mangahelpers:

First Spoilers for 260

As for last week, nyah nyah nyah nyah to all those who said Ishida was cold hearted and would finish Chirucci. The majority of people on BF were saying that.I know my baby. I'm afraid, though, that this time he's made a mistake and the bitch has his DNA. I expect Ishida to fight mad-scientist Espada eventually.

I wanna see Tatsuki and Keigo but it won't be for ages, I guess.

BUT *dances around* CHAD, CHAD, CHAD!
He is hotness, goodness, and devotion. His power-ups beat Ishida's and his fight may beat Ichigo's AND Ishida's.
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