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Movie promo, Mayuri Cover, Hurricane warning

Some bleachy noodles:

Fade to Black: Calling Out Your Name promotion spot

My IchiRuki pals are getting me excited about this movie. The promoters are getting me excited about this movie. I didn't think it was easy to top the musicals for over-the-top romantic shippy innuendo but the two voice clips from purported actual dialogue from the film are Ichigo saying "Rukia is the one who changed my world" and Rukia saying "Your name--say it again." Damn. Well if that doesn't yank at my romantic little self as much as I resist. I really pray there's no physical intimacy in the movie (as there was in the Inuyasha movie) before Kubo gives it to us, though. The pair almost hand-holding like in the musical (that was so cute and tense!) would be fine but NO mooshiness in my IchiRuki, please! :yell.

The new tankoubon cover has been announced--it belongs to Mayuri!  I'm looking forward to the poem more than I am another pic of the pharoah headdress. Mayuri is primo Kubo-poem material.  And in his bout with Szayel, he distinguished himself as a "true scientist" while Kubo down-played the sadistic bent Mayuri had displayed in SS.  Szayel was the "let's have fun torturing people" one, and Mayuri came off a little nobler. He's still utter Evil, though. And one of my favorite characters--to hate, that is. (And I'm still hoping that one day a Quincy arrow shot by Ishida Ryuuken will go right through the dude's brain!)

As I type this, Hurricane Gustav is hammering the Louisiana coast and should reach where I live within a couple hours. Three years ago before the deadly Katrina hit, I managed to finish drawing an Ishida on my graphics tablet before we lost power. This storm looks to be far less furious but if you don't hear from me for some days, don't worry--we're on high ground here, and I'm a storm pro. We've probably just lost power is all. But pray that my little tangerine tree survives the high winds.

I took pics yesterday of trees I feared might be uprooted and gone in the storm--one pic was of my Unhappy Hueco Mundo Hime and Voodoo Ishida resting in the shade of my citrus tree.

There are dozens of green balls on the tree that I hope don't go flying off like pollen today, but maybe the winds will spare my fruit.
(Yes, the dolls and chair are safely inside now; the children are tucked in; we have batteries, bottled water, and munchy food).

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