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Chapter 323, Kubo Interview in LA Times, movie trailer

Chapter 323 Scan here No title available yet but it's a rocking good chapter!

I love it when Kubo-sensei gives his characters these solilogues--Kira's here is so perfect. And the grim philosophy of the 3rd division is a lovely justaposition to that of the 11th (which was recently touched upon by Yumichika). The poetry and action are perfect in this chapter. War is misery and there shall be chicken soup!  BOW TO YOUR SENSEI!

Brief article on Kubo in LA Times A lot of the same old info but a polished presentation (the description of Kubo's delicate fingers tickled me--I have a serious crush on the man's hands) and some tidbits I hadn't heard before like:

"I never think of my work as being targeted at certain readers or at readers in certain countries. I hope as many people as possible will enjoy what I create. I never imagined when I started writing 'Bleach' that it would be published in the U.S., but I'm really glad American readers have taken to it."

I never for a one moment thought that Kubo was writing only for 13 year old Japanese boys.

The trailer for the so-called IchiRuki Bleach movie came out today, and I supposed it says something about me that I watched the trailer before I read the manga chapter. I've yet to be excited about an anime movie but I'm getting caught up in the promotion of this movie. It's only August and already there's a promo IchiRuki cover on Shounen Jump--there wasn't one of Hitsugaya and Ichigo until the December when the movie premiered. This movie is being hyped big-time, and given how much fans love the IchiRuki, it's gonna be a huge success I reckon.

Ichigo got the beautiful color page, as you can see from the manga scan in the first link--I love the fact that Kubo didn't use any ink outlines on the character and that Ichigo looks so ominous, sexy and weird.  The color page whispers Shirosaki to me.  A couple more fights to go and we'll be back to Ichigo and his propensity for turning Hollow and powering up at the very last minute?
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