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Noy ^^

Kubo Tite at Rock Musical Bleach

Hmm, I thought some of you might be interested in this. x3

The last two musicals of Bleach were realesed on DVDs and uploaded on YouTube by andromeda881, aka dawnfire84 . She also uploaded the backstage extras that came with it, and at the end of it you can see footage from the ending of the very very last showing of the musical. AND GUESS WHAT. KUBO TITE IS THERE. HAHA.

AND GUESS WHAT ELSE. Tatsuya (=Ichigo's actor) went down to the audience to call Kubo Tite to come up to the stage. Ans so he did. So basically Kubo Tite stood there, on the Bleach Muscial stage, with all his characters singing beside him. Haha. I wonder how that feels like. XD After that, he went backstage with all the actors, and they threw him up in the air like you would throw a 5 yrs old that is celebrating his bday. So hilarious. Poor Kubo, thank god they didn't drop him! XDD

Anyway, here's the part if you wanna see it:

Kubo on stage -  min 3:18
Kubo being thrown in the air - min 6:05

Enjoy. :) 
[YouTube's bad quality makes me sad. I wanna see Kubo's expression more clearly.]
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