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Fandom Brats, Knit Ukitake & Hisagi, Ulquiorra Essay and Fanart

Not long ago I was so happy to read Kubo-sensei's remarks to American fandom after his trip to SDCC.

I would be happy if through my work I am able to give you even half the strength you have given me.

Lines like that made me want to wax rhapsodic about the oodles of happy feelings fandom provides but I contained myself. A few capslock comments and squee-noises shared with some buds was enough. Fandom weariness, on the other hand, won't be contained, and I'm so fed up with fandom lately. The fandom blahs want me to be wordy. So here goes:

I KNOW I CAN'T WIPE YOU FANDOM BRATS OUT OF EXISTENCE ANYMORE THAN I CAN RID MY YARD OF FIRE-ANTS BUT I'M GOING TO FLAIL AND CUSS AT YOU ANYWAY. I know some of you are prepubescent and just learning to type but those of you who are malicious middle-aged creeps who suckle on drama and demand to be entertained, oh for fuck's sake, learn some shame.

First this week, I find out that one of the most beautiful Bleach fanart sites in Japan has closed, reportedly due to some wanker who told the artist to leave the fandom already . Second, some imposter-troll pretending to be Annie from BA spams some hentai site with anti-Orihime schpiel. What? As if Annie would do that--I mean she doesn't like Orihime, but come on. Why the pitiful attempt to discredit Annie? The Anime Suki Orihime/Rukia thread is closed again due to massive idiocy but shippers are putting their dukes up in other places. If you ask me, I prefer the full-on confrontational fuss than the passive-aggressive games whereby this fan is offended by this or that and blames the world's unfairness on fandom board moderator favoritism.

I want to hand out laxatives on the forums sometimes. I mean, I've apparently offended people with my PUNC-TU-ATION before. No lie.

Then again, in some of the most puerile places, I'll discover a really lively discussion about whether or not Yumichika's story about his zanpakuto is an allegory for closeted homosexuality and where Yumi's questionable aesthetics are argued by some pretty perceptive teenagers. What's this? Fanbois not talking about power levels? There is hope in my breast again.

One of my rules of fandom survival is stick to talking about the source material and not the fans/fandom itself. I've broken that rule lately but it's only because Bleach fandom reveals itself to be Charlotte Cuulhorne (I believe that's the official spelling now) and I have to point and laugh--it's an irresistable reflex.

Okay, I feel a little better now.

Smile. Usually incandescens is putting together words in perfectly crafted fics but looky what she made recently!

The Bleach manga celebrates its seven year anniversary next week. I always forget how long I've been a fan. I started reading before the end of the SS arc--before Byakuya's backstory was finally revealed so I know to be patient. Isshin and Ryuuken and all these guys will get their stories told eventually. The secrets of the hougyoku will be known to me and I will create my master army.... etcetera, etcetera.... There will be plot resolution and I will stand in Heaven.

Sometimes justing thinking that we may get an Ulquiorra backstory before Christmas of this year makes today's laundry piles worth wading through! XD

Recs: Part 1 of Ulquiorra Essay by balladbird

Fanart of Equestrian Ulquiorra by Dessert Moon
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