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Chapter 322 "Oath Under the Rose" and link to post about chapter covers

Chapter 322 "Oath Under the Rose" Sleepyfans Scan is here

Just when I think oh no, when will the Elite fights be over so we can get to the good stuff?  I find myself interested in what should be fodder-fights. Yumi has defeated the outrageous Charlotte and this time he reveals an interesting story about his zanpakutou.  And reveals himself for his true vanity--or for his outrageous loyalty to the eleventh division. Yumichika would rather protect his self-image before his compadres than protect his post as assigned by the Gotei 13. He was ready to die until Charlotte covered him in darkness.

The Hisagi fight looks interesting too--the most compelling reason for me is that Hisagi's opponent is a bish, but I smell a worthwhile battle.

I no longer fear for Kira because it looks like his opponent is going to be fried chicken by the next chapter but I find myself wanting to SEE it. GO KIRA!

I care more about the main cast, the main fights, the main players in Kubo's character-drenched story but the manga-ka makes me care about these guys too.

And oh heavens preserve us, the best part about this whole chapter is CHARLOTTE MADE THE COVER! WEE! SEXY COOLHORN!

Don't MISS Kaya's wonderful post on Bleach chapter covers

Next week is Bleach's 7th anniversary and there will be color pages, the sidetext promises. I hope that means more than fried chicken for the party!
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