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Doujin loot for Contest, Grimmy Dolly, and other daily noodles

So jonesing for manga that for a few minutes I was taken in by a very poor pastiche of a fakey spoiler page that showed Grimmjow arriving on the the scene of the Ulquiorra and Ichigo fight. Damn. That would've been cool. Fake spoilers are fun, though. Do they annoy you? I see them as a form of fanfic/fan culture. They're good for thrills when they're well-done and good for laughs when they're bad.

Oh, I'm getting prizes for the next bleachness contest!

I will love Spacey, the owner of BA, for five lifetimes and more for scoring me these cool IshiHime and RenIshi doujinshi in Tokyo. Some of these may be among prizes for The Second Annual Bleachness Contest

Thank you, Space, for fighting bitchy Japanese fangirls at Comiket over doujin, and thank you Juuuuuuuuu (Space's gorgeous sister) for finding that RenIshi First Red anthology that I wanted (center with Renji wrapped in white thread!) One of those IshiHime doujins peeking there is an HENTAI doujin, I know. And I've got some others not shown here that I'll be scanning eventually--but only after people write for the contest!


A couple Bleach drawings I did while my tablet was broken and I was able to steal colored pencils from my seven year old:

I want to hump your leg A Komamura drawing for Kaya's happy birthday

DEBBIE'S TABLET BROKE My first drawing. I just think this one is funny.

And the wonderful Pheleon is no longer taking commissions or exchanges (her last project will be an Ishida and an Orihime for me! I can't wait to show them to you) but get a load of her recent posable THE Grimmjow Jeagerjaques

Some of her plushies are still for sale, though so you can contact her about those.

Maybe it's a good thing Phel is taking a break from plushies--I was actually thinking of commissioning her to make a Kubo Tite plushie. *blush*
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