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Fanfic: "Hot and Cool".

Title: Hot and Cool
Characters: Renji, Ishida, Orihime. Yes, you heard right.
Rating: R

Note: Didn't have a beta, just typed all this in because the idea amused me. Dialogue-heavy. Nekkidness. And flowers. C&C appreciated, as I think my writing sucks.

Summary: Ishida gets caught with Renji.

Uryuu Ishida had learned that even in the most unexpected of situations, one should try to keep a cool head. Use strategy. Adapt.

But Quincy Archer had never expected to be caught out by wide grey eyes, never expected her to have entered the house then, and certainly not while the heat of Renji still rode him and filled him and the air saturated with sweat and sex and shinigami.

It was extremely difficult to keep calm while naked, too.

There was stunned silence for a moment. No one moved. Not he, not Renji, not Orihime.

She had flowers in her hand - reds and oranges and pinks and dark colors too.

Colors of a rising sun.

"Ishida..." Orihime's eyes were still wide, but they moved from Ishida to Renji. "You! Did you do something to Uryuu-kun? Did you?"

What does it look like he was doing? Ishida murmured in his thoughts, but felt Renji cringe and withdraw.

"Little lady, it's not quite whatcha think-"


"You did something, didn't you?"

Renji cringed as petals fluttered over his face. Ishida felt him move into a simple sitting position, sitting on the bed, freeing him to move as well.

Orihime looked at Ishida.

Renji looked at him too.

Ishida found his glasses and put them on.

Think. It's Orihime... she needs an answer. An explanation.

But Renji got there first.

"I didn't do nothin' he didn't want, and before you hit me with those flowers again, I wasn't the one he really wanted. I'm surprised Mr Cool here hasn't told you yet."

"M-Mr Cool?" Ishida blinked. He certainly didn't feel like it - his face was still hot and red.

"Hasn't told me what?" Orihime blinked - though she didn't turn away or leave. Ishida praised his luck - or what was left of the shreds. It was something, at least.

"He ain't too good with his feelings." Renji shrugged. "But he won't open up to me. Yeah, I like the guy. But I don't have what you got, and that's a fact. Even I can see that - and you haven't? Damn."

Ishida scrambled for some clothes. He was naked, they were naked, he was cold - his face was red - yes, clothes. Clothes were needed -

He found his kyudo hakama and wriggled into it.

"But... I don't have anything. I mean..." Orihime looked at the floor, the hand holding the flowers even dropping back to the ground. Instead of the quietly strong girl Ishida had known in Hueco Mundo, instead of the person who wanted to help in Soul Society... it was like Orihime was wilting. Afraid. "I... like you, Ishida-kun. But-"

"Inoue..." Ishida pushed up his glasses. No, 'Inoue' wasn't it. "I mean, Orihime-san. I know you probably don't believe Renji and you saw us and you have no reason to trust either of us. But... he's right."

"What?" The grey eyes no longer seemed like a storm. Just... confused, and sad. Like clouds.

This was it.

After all this time... even if things went badly, this was it.

"I've liked you for a long time, Orihime."

It sounded daft. Trite. It echoed in his ears.


Ishida lurched forward from the hit. It was Renji.

"I've known that for a long time, and you just had her worry she wasn't good enough or something! Man, you're that afraid of showin' your feelings?!"


"Ohh, sure, fighting's more straightforward. Don't have to worry about tellin' people things. What've you got to lose?"

Ishida felt his cheeks redden again and suddenly the floor was very interesting. Maybe he could find some socks.


Or flower petals in his hair, as it were.

He looked up to see Orihime there, eyes glistening with the color of rain - the color before tears. "Baka... and here I thought... I thought.."

"Y-you were after Ichigo, though, then."



Renji smirked. "Truth's out now, Mr Cool. Shall I leave you two to kiss and make up?"

Ishida just growled in response.

Orihime looked at Renji again - seemingly not noticing the fact that Renji was still stark naked. "Maybe he was afraid... thank you, Renji-san. You've been afraid too, haven't you? So you know how it is."

"Y-yeah. I know how it is."

"So, thank you!" Orihime hugged the shinigami tight.

A moment passed.


Renji turned red.

It would be a loooooong night.

But the sun would be up again, and with it, the fear would be gone.

Ishida breathed in the scent of flowers and smiled.
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