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Next Bleachness Contest and RenIshi Fanart Sites

Remember that last year for my birthday and Uryuu's I held a contest that was quite a success? I want to do it again! I have a total personal selfish vested interest in the outcome--more fanworks for my fave character/pairings and I'll provide the prizes! I'd like to hear from you guys too, though, and see what you'll be willing to play with. I know I could be using this forum to promote more much needed Ikkaku/Yumi art or something but let's face it, I'm going with my personal faves.

Poll #1237821 Next Bleachness Contest

What do you want to see? (you may check more than one)

Ishida and Orihime Fanfic Contest again
Ishida and Orihime Fanart Contest
Ishida and Renji Fanfic Contest
Ishida and Renji Fanart Contest
Ishida, alone or with anybody else including your grandma FANART contest

Oh yeah--and Neha found two RenIshi sites!

Ginger Bar

First Candy

Can anyone who reads Japanese tell me if doujinshi are available from these artists?
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