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Blood/Water: Chapters 6-8 (of 15)

Fanfic update. Thank you for letting me spam here...

title: Blood/Water: Chapters 6-8 (of 15)
author: Laurie Bunter
genre: mystery, suspense, alternate universe
rating: T
word count: 4000 (this installment)
warnings? Occasional swearing. Violence and off-stage character deaths in later chapters.

Blood/Water Prologue, 1-2
Blood/Water 3-5

series summary: In the Commonwealth of Karakura, an innocent young woman is on trial for the murder of her sister. Ichigo Kurosaki, rookie inspector for the Metropolitan Police, feels duty-bound to investigate the case. What he doesn't know yet is that he's about to come face-to-face with the sordid, unscrupulous side of his beloved archipelago.

In these chapters... Inspector Kurosaki interrogates Byakuya Kuchiki and finds important evidence lurking in plain sight. His lame attempts to amuse Rukia only manages to draw the attention of the prison warden, much to Hanatarou's dismay.

And yes, Chief Inspector Shihoin is not amused.

Things are about to get dicey. What does Inspector Kurosaki need in order to get a clue?

In the interludes... Shunsui gets a tongue-lashing from his favorite girl, and two men in funky clothing conspire at dawn.

Read Chapters 6 to 8 Here!

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