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Blood/Water Chapters 3-5

title: Blood/Water (3-5/15)
author Laurie Bunter
genre: mystery, suspense, alternate universe
rating: T
word count: 7200 (this installment)
warnings? Ichigo swears. No biggie.

series summary: In the Commonwealth of Karakura, an innocent young woman is on trial for the murder of her sister. Ichigo Kurosaki, rookie inspector for the Metropolitan Police, feels duty-bound to investigate the case. What he doesn't know yet is that he's about to come face-to-face with the sordid, unscrupulous side of his beloved archipelago.

In these chapters... Inspector Kurosaki visits the Twin Fish Private Inquiries office to talk to his old mentor and uncovers a major anomaly in the case. He bothers a good friend and terrorizes a sergeant, and yes, finally gets to chat with the accused.

Read Blood/Water Chapters 3-5 here

To be cross-posted to ichi_ruki based on the advice of you nice people XD Thanks for the encouraging words so far.
Tags: fanfiction
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