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Holy Crap Kubo is Here, and Pr0n fic recs

Holy Crap Kubo is Here! Well that's exactly how Anime News Network put (from here)

So sayeth ANN:


Holy Crap, Tite Kubo Is Here!
1:15pm – 2:00pm, Room 7AB

Okay so the folks at Viz are far too professional to actually name this panel that, but it's what every Bleach fan in attendance is thinking. Tite Kubo is at his very first North American convention and he's here to chat about his work and what's coming up. Show up super-early if you want to sit close enough to see the beads of sweat rolling down his editor's face when the first “When will Ichigo and Orihime and Rukia get drunk and have a threesome” question comes up. This is easily the biggest event at the show for anime fans – don't miss it.

I've been all kinds of Jewish mother-worried and girlfriend-jealous for Kubo since hearing he'd be visiting the States but I'm told security is tight. He hasn't been eaten alive by mad shippers and last night he only appeared for a few moments before the airing of Memories of Nobody and then left. In my day, here's when the author hit the cafes looking for groupies. I don't know what anime groupies are like--I just hope they've had their shots. My heart beats as one with Kubo as he more than likely sits in his hotel room worrying about the hoardes of rude Americans he has to face today!

There's one American he will face who will be lovely and gracious IN A POLKA DOT DRESS!
MANGA-KA! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

I can't promise anything but I'll post whatever news I have from the Oh Crap Kubo is Here panel. I fear the shippers. I hope when Kubo is aked "Who is the true heroine of Bleach?" that he will answer "Yachiru." Or Charlotte CoolHorn. I hear that there fun being poked at the IchiRuki shippers who posted notes begging Kubo-sensie Plz let Ichigo&Rukia Get Together! (see photo previous post) at the Kubo Wailing Wall at SDCC but these taunts came from the same camp of shippers who mistakenly requested that Ichigo and Orihime be brought together by the goddess of Tanabata this month on someone's personal blog entry  that they mistook for a Tanabata wishes site; they were told that er, no, the owner could not grant wishes, especially those having to do with fictional characters. At least, unlike Ikkaku of this week's chapter, IchiRuki shippers were petitioning the correct deity. XD

SHIPPERS! I should be embarrassed for my kind, but I ship IshiHime AND RenIshi and my shamelessness knows no bounds and I also play with plushies of said pairings and should not point fingers.  ^_________________________^


For those of you who aren't at Kubo-con, here, some fic recs, all PR0N:

A Yukata Fetish by syneiam      Based on recent WSJ Obon cover. IchiRuki. NC17 with "guest" appearance by Renji. Hilarious.

A Friend in Need by nehalenia       Ichigo x Chad x Ishida. Yaoi OBVIOUSLY. NC17. Adorable and Yuuuuum.

Madonna by fishingforboots   Grimmjow/Ichigo. NC17 Rawr.

Oh and Read Kaya's latest entry of Oh Bleach Me! (re chapter 318)
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