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319 Ants and Dragons, and Notes from Kubo-Con

Read the scan by Sleepy Fans at OneManga

ANOTHER ARPEGGIO. NO FIGHTING YET. But we have to trust that eventually, sometime this century the fighting will start. I loved this chapter and it's because I love Ikkaku and Yumichika and Kubo's gay humor.  I think the sight of Charlotte Cool Horn's pubes wrecked my nervous system early this a.m.--I was giggling like you'd spiked my coffee. And Kira! Not a fan, but thank you, Kubo-sensei for giving his fans some Kira character resolution! See Kira's fiesty face!  I actually hope that next week there's no cutaway because I want to stay with these guys for a little bit.

The San Diego Comic Con was setting up yesterday and Viz has a wall where people can leave messages to the great Kubo Tite. My friend's comment on the Kubo Wailing Wall:

I left a dumb comment like: Thank you and please don't kill Ulquiorra... Funny thing was, I did a mental tally on requests... Everyone was posting, Please let Ichigo and Rukia be together.

Behold the Wailing Wall even before the Con starts:

A lovenote from me was posted by my proxy:

All of you who are there, keep us posted on the goings-on!

Oh, and don't miss the discussion still going on after the 3 part essay Feminism in Bleach. I was so happy when it was posted here but when I linked it at BA, it didn't go over well--the PATRIARCHY came down on it in the first comment! LOL! Avenge me, Soi Fong!
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