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The Deathmatch Continues...

adam_epp has been posting the chapters of his AU fic "Dreams and Fears," so I guess I should finally share my response to our Alternate Universe challenge. Vaguely, the prompt was: stay in character.

title: Blood/Water (prologue, 1&2/15)
author: Laurie Bunter
genre: mystery, suspense, alternate universe
rating: T
word count: 3700+ (this installment)

summary: In the Commonwealth of Karakura, an innocent young woman is on trial for the murder of her sister. Ichigo Kurosaki, rookie inspector for the Metropolitan Police, feels duty-bound to investigate the case. What he doesn't know yet is that he's about to come face-to-face with the sordid, unscrupulous side of his beloved archipelago.

I'm hesitant to cross-post this to ichi_ruki because this fic of mine focuses on the murder mystery. It has a distinct lack of shippy-ness, aside from a moment or two in the second chapter. I guess this fic will be better appreciated by a Bleach fan who doesn't care if Ichigo's only smex is of the eyeball variety.

read Blood/Water here
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