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Don't Miss this Wonderful Send-Up and Five Towers Clarification

I love Kaya. bananakaya  , that is.

Please don't miss this week's entry of Oh Bleach Me!

And guess what I found out yesterday! Annie explained it all to me! Orihime has never been in the FIFTH TOWER. This Drake fellow who does the Thai translations of Bleach explained that Orihime has always been in the "FIVE TOWERS" just as in the chapter title of this week.
So the chapter did refer to a geographical location and sorry Neha, there go our dreams for those columns representing a crash landing by a certain Quincy with a flair for dramatic entrances.

A couple people have asked me why I'm singing the funeral elegy for the IchiOri ship because of this chapter. Well, like I said in previous posts, I thought that this summer would be definitive as far as ships went. For the past year I've been, much to the annoyance of some (but if I annoy you with my opinion that's your problem, not mine! Tis a free cyberworld), fairly certain that Kubo-sensei was playing a red herring with the IchiOri innuendo. For the record, I ship RenIshi, IchiIshi, IshiHime and any number of pairings I believe have a zero to iffy chance of becoming canon in the manga. I've never liked IchiOri but that doesn't mean I don't like people who like the pairing--may the pairing live and be loved in fanon and fic because I don't think Kubo is taking it any further. My friend Sandy wrote a compelling comparison of the SS and HM climax rescues here (caution--this stuff could raise your shipping temperature if you're not a neutral), and I'd be interested to see if anyone wants to take on the task of comparing the IchiRuki reunion of 317 with the IchiOri one of 318. The two beg comparison.
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