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Mod post, Chapter 318, fanart recs, How to be a Fail!Shipper in 8 Easy Steps

MODERATOR'S ANNOUNCEMENT: PLEASE do not post hate lists or "reasons why I can't stand this character" posts in this community. Keep those to your own LJs. If your hate lists have particular artistic, humorous or literary merit, someone may end up linking them here eventually, but just don't chance that random bitching is going to be appreciated. I'm all for character-bashing (truly I am! Call Ishida a fag and see if I care!) The only thing that will earn you a ban from this community is if you bash a person by name, but please use common sense when posting and try not to stir up stuff with random character hate posts. Jokes and outrageous comments are fine as long you're not --well, obviously picking a fight with someone. I'll bother you about it if you are.

Also, don't hotlink from Japanese websites. Recently pictures from an IshiHime website were posted. You can see the pictures at BYPASS.

Chapter 318 "Five Pillars, Four Corners" up here now at onemanga.
U.S. scans of chapter 318 are out and you can get them at Bleach Asylum's chapter thread.
The chapter should be posted soon.

Still no action. Like I said on BA, Kubo's been play arpeggios for chapters now and dinging his chimes but we haven't heard the tune yet. It works. It's exciting. More characters show up. It's going to be a doozy to see how he manages all the action, but apparently he's going to have to use bait and switch for the fights which means a fast pace and battles happening off-panel---weeeeeeeeee!

Kubo is having some fun.  First, the Ulquiorra and Ichigo reunion is something to see. Lots of EYEBALL!SMEX. On the shipping front, I believe this sinks IchiOri. Some were expecting an enraged Ichigo spouting stuff to Ulqui in defense of Orihime like he did to Byakuya in defense of Rukia; instead we've got Ichigo all eager to fighty-fight and smiling and asking if Ulqui considers it an honor to fight him. May as well ask the Espada to dance.

PRIMERA ESPADA--WHO IS HE?  Ever since Ukitake and Shunsui wondered a couple chapters ago, I know Kubo's been giggling over teasing us. I'm betting that Barragan is a red herring with his stately chair and crown and bossy ways. Stark is the one, baby. Not that I care what rank he is as long as I get more Stark panel time. He's so adorable.


Bring it on, Kubo!

I'll just wait patiently on my my Quincy.

ETA: NEHA! And I call myself an Ishida fan!  I totally didn't get that those five towers could be Ishida arriving on the scene to interrupt the little UlquiIchi Eyeball!smex scene!  For some reason I associated it with the KKT scene but it was never explained...


Meanwhile, WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME THAT devosama    draws such fantastic RenIshi art? Well, someone (thank you LAURA!) finally did and omg, will you just look at this:

There really needs to be more RenIshi art in the world. I only know of one doujin. T__T. Kaya, who is a wonderful doujin artist, has promised me one but it's on her long list. Oh btw, Kaya drew a sexy Ichigo for his birthday and you can see him here (Ichigo by bananakaya    )

Oh, and it's been a shitstorm for Bleach shippers this week. I'll admit it. I'm a fail!shipper. We all are sometimes. We should try to be fun!shippers and avoid the pitfalls but alas, fail!shipping is as much a part of shipping as doubt is a part of faith and hate is a part of love.

Perspective. It’s a blessing in fandom. I didn’t have it a few years ago and shed a lot of tears. This year RL woes and seriously ill friends and family members put the fandom snipes against me in perspective. Oh, you hate my fanart and noticed that I drew two elbows on Rukia's one arm and that made you shit bricks laughing? That hurts but it’s not like you injected me with AIDS. After a few years of being targeted by some serious little evil girl hate campaigns, the comments made by PMSing shippers who don’t agree with my fangirl ravings about this or that don’t even ping anymore.

How to Be a Fail!Shipper in 8 Easy Steps

1. Remember that line about how the lowbrow talk about other people and the highbrow talk about ideas? Fail!Shippers talk about other shippers, and fun!shippers talk about the manga. (Okay, well, lowbrow fun!shippers talk about manga people and there’s where ALL the fun is, obviously, heh heh).

2. Pretend to never be disappointed--even when a rival ship scores an obvious coup like a filler hand-holding scene or some actual manga panel time. Really, too much denial is creepy.

3. Cut and paste and manipulate pictures of your pairing in icons and banners to approximate actual canon poses of your rival pairing.

4. Tell other shippers aboard your own ship to stop whining and fearing the rival ship. Keep newbies in line. Pass around badges and party hats and brown shirts.

5. Avoid debate. Say “I could easily defeat you in a debate but I’m above debating.” Write long incoherent essay-length posts that nonetheless debate posts made by rival shippers.

6. When in doubt, attempt sarcasm.

7. Consult astrologers, numerologists, alchemists and your hair-dresser who LIVED IN JAPAN ONCE AND KNOWS THE CULTURE for affirmation of your interpretation of manga panels.

8. Use sparkle text whenever typing your pairing’s nick.

Friends, don’t fail!ship. Be merry and gay. Write fanfic and draw and icon and laugh and remember: you make Kubo-sensei a very rich man but he’s no happier than you are. We’re all just people who love our pet ferrets or goldfish or cats and annoy our neighbors and breathe the same air and see the same moon at night. Blessings on all you crazy people.
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