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Popular Rukia is Popular

It's been Rukia's week. Well, it was Ichigo's birthday on the 15th but Rukia got the spotlight. New movie promos, the Jump 40th anniversary ad, and then she grabbed a place on this week's WSJ anniversary expo page along with all the other Jump characters from that "hero and heroines" summer spread of a couple years back--the one where Orihime was featured in a bathing suit. At that time some fans were proclaiming Orihime the new "heroine" of Bleach--ah, the bitter irony that this week, Orihime was replaced by a bathing suited Rukia from another spread ... some cackling was heard among those in the Rukia versus Orihime bitchery wars but I know a lot of Rukia fangirls who were cartwheeling and flashing ruffled panties to the world! Joy! Joy! Tis Rukia's week! She appeared in the manga! She was cute on the Obon cover and in the colorspread!

My Rukia-fan friend Annie is happy, and I'm so glad for her. She's getting some early birthday presents from Kubo-sensei. Annie, one of the regular translators on Bleach Asylum, has a birthday coming up around this August's Tanabata, and she's always spoiled me terribly with gifts when she's gone to Japan so..... I got her a special one-of-a-kind Rukia from pheleon.

Warning. Click the link below and be flooded with pictures of a plushie Rukia among my cats and other soft furry things.

Winky was the first to kiss the celebrity hello.

My Renji plushie met her next and I swear my Ishida plushie was jealous.

My little Renji in a fundoshi can get really fresh sometimes.

Rukia was introduced to Piggie, one of my daughter's LPS toys.

Pretty soon she was friends with the whole LPS gang.

She got along well with all the plushies, in fact. As you can see, she even got cozy with my UnHappy Hueco Mundo Orihime and my Voodoo Doll Ishida. Some of the other guys in there like that Red Thing on the far left were designed by my son and sewn by me for... I don't know what purpose exactly. Just to have them around.

Later, Rukia went outside and posed on my porchswing.

My daughter Sophie showed her around the garden

Sophie did not want any of you to see her pretty face today. Usually she's a ham. A little Jewish kosher ham, that is.

Rukia smelled a gardenia.

She even admired the nice young green tangerines in my tangerine tree.

I will miss her when I ship her off overseas. Take care of our Rukia, Annie. I loved having her visit but I love you more.

Oh and the kicker to Rukia week? I don't watch the anime; I only read dougras ' reports of the episodes after they air in Japan. There was a new ED today so I was paying attention. My IchiRuki friends went ballistic---a more ROMANTIC IchiRuki ending one couldn't imagine! Perriot pushing the new movie no doubt, but maaaan. Hey the IchiOri got their handholding filler (and hey, IshiHime has handholding filler too!) but this is a whole ending with romantic lights and angsty interaction and Rukia running toward an implied hug with Ichigo. The only ending with just two characters I'm told. Sheesh.

Annie will be in Japan in December when the movie premieres.  I hope you love it, Annie! <3
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