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The new Bleach movie comic

I have a confession to make. I saw the first Bleach movie and I haven't seen any since. Why? I can't stand anime movies. The timeline disruptions hurt me. For some reason I can't see them as video-fanfic--not even to appreciate the quality animation. I try.... But I was traumatized once upon a time. In one of the later DBZ movies Chibis Goten and Trunks fought a resurrected Hitler  Although years after first viewing the dubbed version, I could appreciate that movie on another level of yuck-yucks, I never really got over the shock.

First thought when I heard there was going to be a Hitsugaya movie was yey, orin  is going to love it (and possibly draw more Hitsugaya!) but I'LL PASS.  First thought when I heard of the Rukia movie was damn, my Annie got her wish. When Rukia finished 2nd in the popularity polls, she demanded a Rukia movie. So far, that's what it looks like--Rukia's the poster girl. We have very little else except this official website and the confirmation that Kubo Tite himself gave the movie its title and subtitle: Fade to Black: Calling Out Your Name (In the one sound clip we have, Morita hams it up calling RuKiaaAAAAaaaaaAAAAGH the way only Morita can).

One of my friends will probably force me to watch this movie (I'm currently being persuaded to watch the Hitsu movie for the Kubo Tite extra interview it will sell with) but the fuss about it is more fandom fun for me. Thanks again to Mezzo who found another comic on a Japanese fansite.

Originally Posted by mezzo_marinaio View Post
From バガモヨ!

Ichigo: "Right, everyone. Good evening!"
Ichigo: "I'm Kurosaki Ichigo, and today I will be filling the position of chairman!"
Ichigo: "Now then, to the point - I think we would all like to make some predictions about the subject of this new movie, based on the commercial cut and the announced subtitles..."

Ichigo: "First of all, let's talk about the developments with the highest likelihood..."
Background: Rukia happens to face some kind of enemy... and she receives some exchange conditions of the sort where Ichigo and his group won't receive any injury if she falls into the enemy's hands personally. In order to protect her important nakama, Rukia hides the truth and disappears...
Background Ichigo: "Wait, Rukia! Why?!"

Renji: "Hey, Kurosaki...!"
Renji: "Isn't that the same thing that's going on in the original work right now?! Seriously, I keep having deja-vus here..."
Ichigo: "Don't say that! Shit, don't say that! Besides, if it's Rukia it'll be different, it will be a seriously heartfelt thing! Think of the last rescue, with the excitement of staring intently at each other with an ultra-tacit understanding... if it's like that, I will always hear her voice from the heavens, even if it's hundreds of times!"

Byakuya: "It's still five months away, you ignorant fools."
Renji: "Guh...?"
Ichigo: "Guah...?"

Byakuya: "For now, the only clear things are the subtitles 'Fade to black - I'll call your name' and 'Goodbye, Rukia'. Apart from that, we have Kurosaki Ichigo calling out Rukia's name in the commercial..."
Byakuya: "Now, why don't you try to think about this calmly and to put these things together..."

Does everyone in Japan draw really well or what? It's like the place is exploding with awesome fanartists and doujinshi artists.
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