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Lighten up, fandom

Great Kami, shippers, lighten up! I think I caught the word jihad being used in the shipwars this weekend. Have some funnies.

Mezzo is always good for some funnies.( For those of you who don't know, there was some wank over the word "reunion" in Rukia's "Save the reunion for later" line in 317. First, it was claimed to not exist in the more accurate translation; then when it was proved to exist in the raw, it was claimed that Rukia was referring to a reunion of friends, not to a reunion of her and Ichigo, specifically.... elsewhere someone was measuring how wide Ichigo's mouth was in the panel where he saw Rukia in order to prove that it was the same expression of joy as when he saw Chad).

pages stolen from Kubo's evil twin by MEZZO

Hey, now. Mistranslations are serious business. Which is why I flew over to Japan and procured myself the raw version of page 18, and guess what I found out? The page was not only mistranslated, it was misdrawn.

Yes, that's right. Before being published, Kubosaki - Kubo's evil twin who is aiming to steal debbie away from him - stole the page and evilly redrew the whole thing! But fortunately you have me here, and I now bring onto you the REAL PAGE 18.

.........whoooops! I'm sorry, I must have confused the page with my - uh, personal doujinshi... here is the REAL PAGE 18!

...now, that's more like it.


The eyeball sex *blow on nails and rubs them on collar*, a term coined by MOI in the UlquiHime FanClub not long ago, belonged to Ulquiorra and Orihime in this chapter, though. Ulqui almost got to second base!

graphic by Ileenka

Kaya (bananakaya) has hilarious Bleach entry this week.

Check out Kaya's silliness

Brief mod note:  I recently purged a bunch of random posts with links to YouTube and ff.net because one had a wrong link and the others seemed random. If you post a link to something bleachy, please make sure it's something special that readers may not have been able to find easily.  Please repost if you think the stories are worthwhile--I was click-happy when deleting and took out a whole row of posts the way Renji took out Exequias.
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