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And a merry Tanabata to you too!

First year as a Bleach fan I didn't write a fic. Also the first year that Kubo's skipped a chapter for SJ. That doesn't mean the editors didn't feed the shipwars, though. There's a copy/paste ad in this week's 7/7 issue that features Ichigo and Orihime.

photo courtesy of Space and translation courtesy of Danna :

Ichigo: They don't seem like enemies
Orihime: We need to welcome them!!

Looks like they're predicting the landing of the pissed-off Visored army? Anyway, the romance clues are going to be piling up--I consider this one a throwaway since it's not from Kubo and is a pastiche of his drawings from those crazy editors. Looking forward to the Tanabata season, nonetheless.

Oh, IchiRuki got the cover for the Jump 40th anniversary issue. http://www.jumpland.com/ Not romantic either, but let's keep the ships hopping.

Other bleachness Tanabata offerings. My wish for this year was that Kubo-sensei would have a good time at Comic-con in the States and not be eaten alive by fans. <3

Tanabata Tryst IchiRuki PG
Other Tanabata stories by debbiechan

Yeah, that Tanabata essay by me again--can you stand it? XD
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