Adam Epp (adam_epp) wrote in bleachness,
Adam Epp

Fanfic update, Adam Epp

Because I am crazy, I wrote a disorganized anthology series way out of order. I'd been finished the chapter I'd intended to release last for a while, and figured I might as well let people read it, if they want to.

Dreams and Fears, Chapter Five
Rating: T
Summary: Do dreams cast shadows? Perhaps. If that's so, what's it like to be in a dream's shadow? Probably no different than being in reality.
Series: Bleach
Genre: Spooky, I hope.

Written as part of a challenge to Laurie Bunter, and dedicated to her, of course. Even if she doesn't like it all that much. Here is the link:

Chapter Five: Shadow of the World

Tags: fanfiction
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