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Confirmed: Cover and Colorspread for 317

There's going to be a SJ cover for Bleach and a colorspread for the next issue (the one due to officially hit the stands on 7/14).  YEY SPREAD! What do you think it will be? A Shinigami showdown spread? *hopes for close-up of Stark* I want to know Stark's true EYE COLOR *fangirls and laughs at everyone annoyed by Stark fans* There's yet been an Orihime and Ichigo spread this entire arc, so now would be the time if there's going to be one. So far, no other girl has shared a spread solo with Ichigo  other than Rukia. Her rescue spread with just her and Ichigo was pretty romantic, imo.

Shipper waters have been a-churning.  It's always more entertaining for me when fans stick to wild posts about the characters, though, rather than snide addresses to individuals in fandom. The great Anime Suki "Rukia or Orihime" thread gets dull when it falls into "You're ten years old" "No, you are".  That I can skip--but for some degenerate personal reason having to do with an intrinsic character flaw I'm sure, I can never get enough of essay-length posts where people tweak all their gender studies classes and wiki browsing of mythologies into Bleach plot and character prediction. I stumbled upon something the other day that mentioned Gandhi and Mozart and IchIOri in the same breath. Awkwardly, of course, but hey, the brain-energy is fun. The stoopid is fun. I feel like when I was a kid and my little sister would bomb me with Alka-seltzer tablets while I was taking a bath.

Good times.

Bleach Volume 34 with Nel on the cover in the most fanservicey art yet from Kubo-sensei goes on sale soon. As soon as anyone gets an advance copy, post the doodles and the POEM, please. I'm so curious as to what sort of poem Kubo wrote for Neliel.
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