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Happy Tanabata! Bleach the 3rd Phantom

Anyone playing the game in Japanese?

What do you guys think of it so far?

For me it's a great strategic game meets tactics; they design it so there is a way that you can beat the enemy and you have to figure out how. Figuring out who to use to connect with in order to maintain HP points without dying (even though dying so many times in order to continue onto the next chapter lol XDDD!!!) Is great along with the storyboard and mini-game with Kon and loads of character interaction each time. The story is play by chapters, you save the game after you finish and move onto the next chapter...

Arturo Platedo voice by Seki Tomokazu is also in the game that makes the game twice as good and it's no longer part of Wii or Play Station 8DDD!!! You can play with two more characters and using them on the battlefield when given the chance. Arturo (love child of Uliquiorra and Grimmjow with Szayel Aporro stamp of approval with the Undying Phoenix) is not mentioned on the official site. I reach the point where I can fight him in SD form already XDDD!!

Aizen Sousuke is awesome and he's not all bad even with his betrayal 8DDD

Here is a crappy opening taken with my photosynthesis camera phone:

Download: [AVI] Bleach the 3rd Phantom OP Sequence (Beware of spoilers)

I must go back to my gaming spree XDDD!!!
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