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PIXSPAM: Unique Plushie Purchase, IchiRuki Festival, Volume 34 cover, comic

Whatever shall I do... no spoilers to look forward to this week. I thought about doing a gaiden retrospective and presenting for you close-up panels of all the baby characters presented and calling it BLEACH THE WONDER YEARS but I decided to make a less lame entry and show you some pix you MAY have not seen before.

I recently purchased one of pheleon's unique and amazing plushies for a friend's birthday and pheleon took a pic of Renji and Ichigo saying goodbye to said plushie:

For more info about commissions and to see her amazing work go to http://pheleon.deviantart.com/

You guys have seen the latest volume cover from Kubo-sensei right? This one is going to sell.

Thank you, Kubo-sensei. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

There was an IchiRuki festival in Tokyo recently, the second this year, at which doujinshi groups sold their books and fans met to cosplay.  I always crave doujinshi but there were all these other stuffs I wanted from there too.

There were IchiRuki cosplayers dressed in wedding attire at the festival but I thought these table ornaments were way cuter. I'm a grown woman who hasn't lost the thing for dollies. Japan would sink me with its kawai within three hours, I know.

At the previous IchIRuki festival, participants got to take an "exam" in IchiRuki to test their knowledge. This time they contributed to an IchiRuki diary. I love how the Ishida here is engrossed in his task.

By the end we had over 200 pages filled inside the IchiRuki diary!! Not only did we have IchiRuki but also many characters featured inside the diary. To let everyone see we have displayed them all (translation by Melody Mix)

I'd heard that you would be able to purchase IchiRuki aprons. And here we have a picture of fabled apron!
Why aprons... I'm not sure. The theme of the festival was that it was some sort of "shop?" I don't know what it is about Japanese trinkets but I really want that bright green unimpressive apron there. Had I been to the festival, I would've spent my every last cent on doujinshi but...
look at it. It's nearly flourescent green.

And mugs. You can never have too many mugs.

Mezzo found another comic based on Kubo's already infamous color spread with the turkey leg and innuendo. A little IshiHime perviness this time. I'm so happy Japan hasn't forgotten my favorite pairing.

From 最終兵器メガネ (http://unie.s53.xrea.com/uwm/)!

Everyone: I-Ishi... da?
Orihime: Aw, what a waste!

Orihime: *lick, lick, lick*
Orihime: Fuu... I cleaned you up, all right!
Ishida: I-INOUE-SAN...!

The perviness is spreading.

Oh, and people always ask me how I survive reading all fanforums I do. Simple mantra: "All people are valuable; all opinions are not valid."
I injured some internal organs laughing this week. It's going to be a fun summer for the fandom. I hope all of you at Comic Con this July 26 will take good pix and good notes because I'll be in a day-long boring training session to be a voting commissioner for my city's next elections. Blow kisses at Kubo-sensei for me.

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