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316 Swang the Edge Down

Chapter 316 from Sleepyfans and OneManga here

First reaction: OMG, GIN, I LOVE YOU. YOU STEAL THE SHOW EVERY TIME. WOO, HOT. Ain't that right, baby?
Second reaction: Okay, Space told us there would be no Bleach next week but the word "hiatus" makes me more than a little nervous.
Third reaction: Hotter than Old man Yama's shikai--those burning looks between Ulquiorra and Hime. I love how she always stands up to him. And what's with all this talking about killing her, Ulqui? If you're going to do it, just do it. Why do you have to ask if she's afraid? So you can exchange more burning looks? Cue rescuer--it's going to be Ichigo of course but I hoping there's a surprise. I want to see more Orihime action before the Ichigo and Ulqui fight.

I'm nervous about this break being referred to because usually that means a period longer than a week. And I really expected my man to come back with a killer chapter for Tanabata.

I think I finally figured out Orihime's volume poem with the whole "five" riddle---and the last line about five is where the heart is. It was obvious that something about her character was going to take place in tower five but damn, she just gave her heart to her five rescuers. Why didn't I see it before that there were five rescuers? The rest of the poem was about her loving Ichigo and then bam, she gives her heart to the nakama who came to rescue her?

The echo of the Kaien speech was really beautiful. Damn you, Kubo-sensei, you poetry man.  That Kaien speech is like a Pavlov cue for me now--any reference to it and my throat clenches and I want to cry over cartoon characters.

SHE IS NOT GOING TO DIE Okay, and now that Spacey and Annie have explained it to me, I understand that there will be NO Bleach chapter in the Shounen Jump issue that comes out for the week of Tanabata. Here I was waiting all YEAR for Kubo's Tanabata chapter and the man, who never takes a week off, decides to take a week off. You clever dog, Kubo-sensei. (Space thinks this is all a coincidence; Annie thinks otherwise.... heh)
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