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Chapter -97 Let Stop the Pendulum

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Kubo wrote in his author's note this week that a reader sent him a bottle of Dom Perignon for Aizen's birthday recently. I thought that was a hoot. It wasn't Space and it wasn't me who sent it--but nothing would go better with those Danish chocolates I sent Kubo than French champagne. Ha, that stuff was over a hundred dollars a bottle in my day. Space said that next year he was sending Kubo-sensei a Ferrari with a note in the glove compartment requesting an Aizen victory in the manga and I thought this was an excellent idea--Kubo, like a decent Japanese man, would be indebted for sure. Aizen's victory would be ours! Bwahahahahahahahahaha! (That was my evil laugh because, if you've noticed, Aizen doesn't have one. He is too cool to laugh evilly).

This week Shinji mentions being indebted to Aizen. The line is creepily reminiscent of Nnoitra's thank-you to Aizen just before the big spoon clanked on the floor.

I suppose we're supposed to guess which side the Visored are going to fight on, eh? Well, it's a no brainer that Shinji is indebted to Aizen for his Hollow powers but we all know where Shinji's going to line up. He's already rescued Ichigo and Rukia.


What a satisfying twelve weeks it's been. One month longer than the promised "eight weeks." No fighting, just intrigue and answers to age-old plot questions. The days dribbled by like water through my fingers--I measured my life by manga chapters and there was always a little kick of happiness with every spoiler. So, of course, now I'm half dreading that we're going to get into tedious fights.

Shut up, debbie. How can they be tedious if they feature superstars like Shinji and company, have the bonus of angsty backstory (something lacking from most of the HM fights save Rukia's) and tease at things like Unohana ban kai or Ulquiorra release? Really, I shouldn't fret, there's going to be something worth all those incomprehensible panels of flying pen marks if we get some resolution to the Komumura/Tousen drama or (gasp!) a Gin and Rangiku bit of dialogue.

Dammit, I just want more STORY.

This chapter worked so well. I appreciated it for all the ways Kubo-sensei drew Urahara more than anything else--from his Sherlock Hemlock look to startled chibi when Yoruichi rescued him and all those faces of worry, sympathy, calculation, indignation inbetween.

I love you, Kisuke. You were the shounen protagnonist of the flashbacks. Not the omniscient Urahara, but Kisuke the brilliant newb.

Now someone explain Central 46 to me. Are they just a mad oligarchy? Am I supposed to be glad that Aizen offed the whole bunch? And I still don't understand why Urahara was going to be banished to EARTH--why not the Maggot's Nest? And what about this stripping him of his powers? When did SS (and more importantly HOW) did SS find time to manipulate his reiatsu so that he couldn't travel through the dangai?

I find it infinitely amusing that some people, namely hardcore IchiOri shippers who think that the whole "Urahara put the hougyoku in baby Rukia" theory was a fan delusion devised to give Rukia heroine importance when clearly, Orihime is the new female star of Bleach, are now dancing in circles because Urahara wasn't shown hiding the hougyoku in this gaiden and it does appear that he's pressed for time (20 hours!) to go out and find a baby to stuff it in.  SO DEATH TO THE THEORY AND THEREFORE FAIL TO ICHIRUKI SHIPPERS.  And yes, some people are STILL touting the "hougyoku was in the gigai Urahara gave to Rukia after she transferred her powers to Ichigo" theory even though that one's been refuted time and time again even in an official Bleach databook.

The topic has been rekindled though, with some emphasis being given to Rukia's trip to Earth that she "doesn't remember" that Kubo told us about in the prequel chapters. Read all about it in Guildenstern's popular thread right chere: http://bleachasylum.com/showthread.php?t=2680

Effing plot. *snaps fingers*  Come along, come along! Now that I know about my lovely Visored and who they really are (dispossessed Gotei 13 and not just Rukongai lowlife who Urahara experimented on) the plot possibilities narrow--but only a little bit.  The drama tightens--only a little bit. I have better reasons why people are fighting, though. Maybe that will help keep my interest in the actual fighting when it starts next week.


*toasts Aizen's latest evil scheme and sips Dom Peri*

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