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IchiRuki Doujin by Love Drop

IchiRuki FanClub version 16; The Story of Destiny Begins

I don't consider my primary Bleach fan identity to be "IchiRuki shipper" and I ship a lot of ships and play in a lot of fandoms, particularly yaoi ones but because I believe IchiRuki is Kubo-sensei's ship and I've written some essays to that effect, I'm busy in the IchiRuki FC and I do love that fandom and lots of my Bleacher homeboys are there. Here's a doujin Annie sent me for winning some contest and I promised I'd share. I have another racier one (by Utsumaki Garden) scanned but I just closed the window where I uploaded and once my brain returns to me this week I'll give it to you.

Support your hard-working doujinshi artists and buy their books whenever you can. On pages 7-8 of the thread linked above you can read reports from the 2nd IchiRuki Festival in Tokyo this year. At the first festival a few months ago over fifty doujinshi groups sold their works.


IchiRuki Doujin PG work-safe by Love Drop
http://www.sendspace.com/file/ivzfnd (now with no flipped pages!)

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