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IshiNemu H Doujin

Thank you Space and mods for a full year of madness.

Here's a doujin a friend sent and summarized. His summary is below. Warning: adult pictures! Nudity! Smexing! IshiNemu! It's H but it's sweet--the story and art are very nice.

Support your hard-working doujin artists and buy their books whenever you can!


Basically, Uryuu tells himself that he's not searching for her in particular, that he's just taking a walk.

On page 2 he pulls out a map that's supposed to take him to Kurotsuchi's HQ, and even then he's in denial. He hands Nemu her gift, telling her she can throw it away if she doesn't like it.

He says this is all he can do, Nemu complements his tailoring skills, and asks if it's alright to try it on.

He recalls when they bid each other farewell, how he thought it'd be the last time they'd meet.

How when every step he took felt leaden, he thought of the girl whose circumstance shared parallels with his own (in relation to their fathers), and how he worried about her.

He tries to apologize, Nemu comments on how humans are warm. Ishida is relieved to see her well, and comments that there are warmer things they could do.

Nemu says it feels strange, since it is the first time she's been
undressed by someone else. Ishida wonders if she's being bashful and

Nemu asks why Ishida said his gift was out of thanks. He says its
for the medicine she gave him. Then adds (I believe) "Its to thank you
for living/being alive/surviving" and thats how this little episode

I've got two IchiRuki doujinshi scanned and ready to upload. I guess I'll do that tomorrow for the IchiRuki FC's first birthdayover at BA. Stay tuned. Mel said she would translate one but I've been having trouble getting her the scans. Anyone is welcome to havea go at them and also at the IchiRukiRenRukiIshiHime linked in my last friends-only post. In fact, if someone would let me know what Ishida is saying while Hime is ... er.... on top of him ... I'd be ever so grateful! <3

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