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I hope that in some areas, it's still the 17th. (I'd almost forgotten 'bout the very date until I browsed the 6_15 com.) MEMORIES IN THE RAIN arc anniversary, also the death-date of Kurosaki Masaki.

So, I wonder if anyone'll like to post fics/AMVs/fanart links just in remembrance of this date?

Syneiam has posted a follow-up fic to one of the events of MitR, for one. (Sorry 'bout pimping your fic, Syn!)

Any more? I'll make a list of the links tomorrow morning on 6/20. (23:32, 6/18 here.)


Edit: It can be anything 'bout Masaki. Her and her son, her and Isshin, with the family etc. We mustn't forget that Ichigo wouldn't exist if not for his wonderful okaa-san (in a sense, since there's also Kubo-sensei).
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