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Meat Cartoon, IchiRuki Coffee Ad, Doujinshi Promises

Originally posted by Mezz over at the BA IchiRuki FC. I'M SNORFLING SO LOUD because yes, I'm like twelve.

Originally Posted by mezzo_marinaio View Post
And the reactions to the spread have begun to - well, spread!

These are from バガモヨ!


Version A - or the 'indirect kiss version' - in which we learn that Ichigo is basically a preschooler :

Rukia: Aaaahhh... nh, it's good!
Ichigo: Ah! You idiot, going and eating other people's food...
Rukia: Isn't it alright, it's just one bite...
Ichigo: It's not alright! Take it yourself and then eat it!
Ichigo: Tsk, really...
Ichigo: *blush*
Ichigo: I can't eat something where you put your mouth!
Rukia: What the hell does that mean, you bastard!
Ishida: ......

Version B - or the 'let's act like a married couple' version - in which various people are jealous :

Ichigo: Here.
Rukia: 'sgood... this is good too.
Ichigo: You have food bits sticking to your face...
Ishida: Kurosaki... I would be grateful if you could refrain from acting in such a manner in public...
Ichigo: That's not how it is! Since this idiot eats way too little, I'm making her eat myself...
Rukia: Nh? You told me this was the correct behaviour for (can't read, but probably something like 'lovers' )...
Ichigo: Ah, idiot! Keep quiet!
Renji: *looms from behind*
Ichigo: Gyaaa!

Version C - the DIRTY VERSION - in which innuendo is taken to a whole new level :

Beware! Dirty, dirty!

Spoiler! <input ... >

Rukia: ...nh, it's good!
Ichigo: Ah! You idiot, going and eating my meat...
Ichigo: Since you're eating the meat in that way, then there's this 'meat' too...
Ishida: Close that up, Kurosaki! This page doesn't have an age restriction, you know!

...and this is definite proof that even in Japan the spread has been taken the same way it's been taken here.

And something really funny originally posted by eurys. A brand of coffee using Jump manga panels to advertise:

<input ... >

"S- So she was really trying to break up with me!?"

By the way folks, I FINALLY HAVE THAT ICHIRUKI AND ISHIHIME HENTAI DOUJIN SCANNED. I'll have a link in a friends-only post this weekend. Sorry for the enormous wait. My husband has ADHD of the worst sort and the doujin was lost in one of his three book bags last semester. Right after that, I have another softcore IchiRuki doujin to upload for you. I just finished scanning it.
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