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U.S. Shounen Jump Interview with Kubo Tite

My son's copy hasn't arrived in the mail yet but thank you to Rain of Bleach Asylum for this brief excerpt that made me and other fans go apoplectic with speculation.

from July 2008 US SJ:

SJ: Do you have an ending in mind for Bleach? How much of the story is written in advance? And do you ever change your mind about what will happen?

KT: I still haven't decided how the series will end. As for how far ahead I write, that all depends. Occasionally, when I get ideas for new scenes, I try to link them by imagining the most interesting route. I don't know where the scens will go, because the ideas don't arrive in order. Things tend to be all over the place. I might think of a scene that belongs much much later in the story, and to get there I must draw a lot of other things first. If there's a scene I definitely want to draw, that doesn't change, but how I get there might.

Read more fan responses in the BA KT interview thread here

ETA:  syneiam , bless her ability to encapsulate Captain Obvious into digestable pill form for everyone, finally noted, after much furious IMing amongst me and my cronies, that the main problem here is that people have been observing for months that the HM arc is "all over the place" and Kubo used those very words in interview to describe part of his writing process, even if he made no connection whatsoever to any particular storyline. Kubo.... oh Kubo.....

I'm the one who doesn't bat an eye when people bash my favorite characters but I'm Kubo's girlfriend and Jewish mother rolled in one when people start criticizing his story.  I'm glad no one's neg-repped me in the thread yet but maybe I (skims over remarks) I didn't call anyone anything worse than "crazy."  After some spasming about what people were interpreting as Kubo's admission to A TOTAL LACK OF PLANNING OF THE HM ARC (am I crazy? Did he say that? Read above again? WHERE did he say that?) , I managed to write a conciliatory response:

Originally Posted by Rain View Post
none of my complaints about the HM arc are because of a lack of planning, it wa because of what were IMO bad plans
I agree with this. (This is strange, Rain, I am agreeing with you too much lately)
The emphasis was far removed from the original story. It seemed like Kubo's main intent was to show how the "enemy," the Arranacar weren't so bad after all and he was gradually humanizing them with backstories and flashbacks all of which were interesting but he lost his main cast and his main story and his shounen focus to get into what some people here were just disgusted with--like
WatanukiXXX going on about the tediousness of the "perfection" stuff in the Mayuri vs Szayel fight. It was mooshy, non-linear, all pudding on the cake stuff. Nothing to do with plot and everything to do with "atmosphere." I, for one, eat that stuff up--but it's a legitimate complaint. The fact remains that Kubo did it on purpose and not because he didn't have a plot to get to. You can see him enjoying the scene (or at least I can). He's said he loves Mayuri (because no one else does, lol) and I saw him loading the character in that fight.

Although what suffered was that the characters we've come to care about and with whom we identify seemed in absolute dissonance to this sort of development--I heard so many complaints about Ishida being OOC (I thought he wasn't; I thought that was an illusion caused by the Mayuri aggrandizement) and yeah.... oh well.... I could go on, but long story short, I believe as lots of fans do, that Kubo played with the Shinigami fanservice in these fight scenes a bit much and the details were bigger than the plot--so yeah, people were thrown; most people were bored with the HM arc.

Go to Japanese amazon.com and you'll see how the HM arc volumes are trailing in popularity in ratings compared to the SS arcs. HM hasn't been successful, period. Kubo knows that. I loved the arc, though. I'm a weird one. And I still have faith that it's going to matter---all these Arrancar backstories and glimpses into the darkness of their hearts--is going to matter when we have the battles that resolve the bigger issues and bring back our main cast.
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