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-99 Turning Back the Pendulum 10

Sleepyfans scan's out at OneManga

Color pages! A Jump cover, a spread and color pages! Now I know there's wonderful plot going on, and believe me, I'm excited, but excuse me while I try to count how many different colors of copic markers Kubo-sensei used on Shinji's face on page one. Just on the skin tone.

Fanart rec!

oh, I did not KNOW of this person but she draws breathtaking IchiIshi. She recently did an illustration for Neha's "Runaway Horse" (rec'd here with appropriate warnings and stuffs)

Hichigo-Ishida by Eneada
Please check out her gallery. It took my eyeballs out of their sockets for a few hours.
Tags: bleach manga, fanart
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