Adam Epp (adam_epp) wrote in bleachness,
Adam Epp

Fanfic: "Dreams and Fears" Adam Epp

Suppose I might as well plug myself over here. Here's some links to the first two chapters of an anthology series that I'm writing. All chapters are Ichigo-centric with varying degrees of IchiRuki. Oh, and this isn't finished. I'll upload the remaining three chapters here when I get around to finishing them.

Title: Dreams and Fears, Chapter One
Rating: T
Summary: Whether or not the bizarre visions Ichigo saw were dreamed or not, the fear he felt was definitely real.
Genre: General. Some drama, some humor, some cyber-punk, some time travel, a little action, some romance. Yeah. General.
Note: My takes on Alternate Universe fics. I've seen others write stories like this...but I'm doing it my way. Each chapter is basically a self-contained story, with its own ending and beginning, although there are recurring elements enough for me to group these together. This fic is done as part of a challenge/ death match with laurie_bunter. Check out her story when she finally finishes it.
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach.

Tags: ichiruki
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