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This story was a miserable flop. One review within 24 hours.incandescens was my one reviewer and she said it reminded her of Borges and then I was gettting all these wild ideas of writing nothing but magical realism in South America with Bleach characters... Love in Time of Hollow or 100 Years of Quincy or something like that. It ... was.... probably.... just as well that I gave those ideas up. *is mad because it used to be that migraine auras made me write good stuff*

I would have been totally discouraged except that I got a great review from Cinnie for "Invisible Writing" and that Orihime angsty piece "True Love and Swirly Skirts" seems to be doing well, even among IchiOri fans.

Anyway, two fanarts. Blech.

Ichigo and Rukia 2
Ban Kai Zangetsu

I've given up the task of trying to draw Ichigo. I think I should work on somebody sexier--like IKKAKU.
Tags: five paths two endings, reviews
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