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-101 Turn Back the Pendulum 8, Fic Recs

-101 Turn Back the Pendulum 8

Still dunno that Kubo isn't going to end on a massive cliffhanger but there's a story that needs resolution here--the teaser blurb for next week promises more story. Will it end at -100 or -99?

Cloaked!Urahara at the end is love. Savvy!Shinji hoisting Hiyori is love. Love the Shinigami is love! Lisa looks so smart and sassy and I just love my Visoreds in action. It's so satisfying when Kubo finally delivers. One day it will be Tatsuki in action--even if I'm in the old folks home, but the day will come. No Shinji shikai this week (and I doubt there will be one soon) but I just like seeing him fight.

I'm shounen-retarded when it comes to reading fight scenes. I blame American television. It's been only in recent years that I've been teaching myself how to read fight scenes--they're not given to me the way they are in anime or film. In some manga like Naruto (where the fights are cleverer than Bleach) I can follow the dynamics more easily but Kubo's fights are sometimes so chaotic and emotional in their panel presentation and art. I had to read this chapter over three times to get what the HELL was up with Love.

Some random fic recs:

Revive You, NC17, Grimmjow/Ichigo by fishingforboots  Great characterization and deft writing in a short PWP. Crunch, munch good.

O9. Blind, G, IshiHime drabble by cccpirate  Hurts so good. Beautiful little drabble poem.

Helping Hand, NC17, Grimmjow/Apache by vayshti Do you remember who Apache is? You'll never forget. Top-notch writing, sexy Arrancar stuffs.

There's not much being written on the current gaiden but a wander through kurosaki_clinic always turns up good fic.
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