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Interesting tidbit from fanthropology today (LJ isn't letting me give the comm link--I just get this weird BLIP and nothing) 

Now you and I I know that fans petition and protest and boycott and clamor for their favorite couples to get together (Heh, I've got a "pwwwwwwease Kubo-san" silly petition on my website), but as one LJer pointed out, here's an instance of fanwork influencing the original:
'Janina (Gavankar), who plays Papi this year, and Kate Moennig (Shane) told me about YouTube and all the videos people made. I couldn't wrap my mind around it. I went online and looked at some of them and was so blown away. There was one video that was all the lovely moments between Bette and Tina and I have to say, right after I watched it I called Ilene and I was like, `Of course they should be back together, what are you crazy?' ''

The Whole Article

I remember con t-shirts from last year "Kubo Gets His Ideas From Us" and I've heard of authors who don't read fanfic for all sorts of legal reasons (JKR), those who do and are annoyed and therefore make their stories go opposite of what the masses want (Legend is that Toriyama did this with Dragonball--broke up Bulma and Yamcha just because fans were forcing him to write another arc), those who succumb to reader pleas (not necessarily fanworks--but I always did wonder how many of those Mulder/Scully ship fics influenced the very lame get-together in X-files).

I've heard it said that the editors at Jump have more sayso than fans about the direction of Bleach. I also know that Kubo-san has had the majority of his narrative planned for years (although not all the details, I imagine). If fans had their say, IchiRuki would triumph, Gin would not die, and there would be intimations (at the very least) of Arrancar sex in the story.

I should make a poll, mebbe. I wonder what has the most influence on the direction of Bleach.
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