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Fic: Take Care, Vice Captain

Title: Take Care, Vice Captain

Author: Windy~

Characters/Pairings: Hiyori, Kisuke/Hiyori

Rating: PG (for language)

Word Count: 115

Spoilers/Author’s Notes: Possible spoilers for recent TBP Gaiden.



             She ran.




             Her lungs were begging to stop, her muscles aching with exhaustion.


             “Urahara Kisuke, damn you!”


             She flung open the doors of his office at the research center. There was nothing, not even a speck of dust left. Hiyori fell to the floor, feeling her legs give out to the weight of the world. Her skinny legs were askew at odd angles.


             “Fuck you, Kisuke! Fuck you!”


             She crumpled the sheet of paper in her tight-clenched fist. Erratic breathing rebounding off of the walls, she screamed once more. “Why don’t you stop hiding? Come out and face me you ass hole!”


             Take care, Vice Captain~♥




             No one ever did answer.

Tags: fanfiction, hiyori
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