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She colored it!

Just One More Shinji/Hiyori, rated R by LookingBack7 (r0ck3tsci3ntist on LJ)

If you want to join the silly Shinji and Hiyori shippers at the Bleach Asylum FC for the pair, go to Shinji and Hiyori: Funny Love. I've been waiting for the art and fic that this gaiden inspires and it seems strangely slow in coming--I guess everyone's been drinking in the canon. I expect great Shunsui-Lisa-Nanao fic  from incandescens eventually, and I'm curious about Kensei/Mashiro stuffs. I thought I saw a LJ comm for Kensei and Hisagi the other day but now I can't find it. Yoruichi's been such a dominant gal in these flashback chapters, I expect some fun fics involving her, and from all the crazy conspiracy theories I've heard put forth in the forums, you'd think someone would piece together a playful one-shot or two.

The source material has been primo though, so I can't complain about a lack of fanwork just yet.  I'm worried for our Kubo-sensei when he comes to the U.S. this summer--a series of cons and impolite Americans and shiny bright Western overstimulations on his delicate artistic sensibilities! Argh!  It will be Tanabata when he's here. *falls over laughing* I will tie a little pink ribbon around my bamboo tree wishing for the safety and well-being of my Kubo-sensei in America.
Tags: fanart, hiyori, shinji
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