Becky (gully_moe) wrote in bleachness,

Vizards and Urahara

     I wanted to start a discussion about something I noticed about the Vizards. They don't appear to use gigais. Shinji apparently can be seen in a classroom, yet we see him being able to fight with his normal clothes on. We've never seen them pop out of a gigai, so does this make them special? Ichigo though still needs to come out of his human body, so maybe are the Vizards using a special gigai in which they don't need to come out of to use their powers?

      Also something about Urahara that is simliar, we don't see him come out of his body. He is able to be seen in public, as shown earlier in the manga, during the Don Kanoji show. However, he too is able to fight with his regular clothes on. Now is he special because he got booted out of Soul Society? We've only seen him use a 'portable' gigai.

    I know there's this theory going on about him being a Vizard, so maybe this is a reason why people may think so? However there are still a few points I have against this theory. If he were a Vizard, he would perhaps help Ichigo out, right? Ichigo said so himself, if he knew how to help, he woud have come to help him out already. Also, Urahara predicted that the Vizards would contact Ichigo. He talked to Isshin about them like they were separate from them, meaning that Urahara isn't one of them. Also, you would think he'd be apart of their group, right?

If he is a Vizard, he must be keeping it a really big secret.
Tags: shinji, urahara, visored
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